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5 Photo Placements
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Enhanced Site Main Page + 10 Sectional Pages
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Recommended Website Information.
When creating a website, think of the site as a brochure that you hand out to prospective patients. It should be colorful, loaded with information and easy-to-read. Just to mention a couple benefits the internet offers - it does not cost much more to include more information, plus visitors click on the pertinent info based on their needs.

Pertinent CONTENT that should be included in your site:
• Who We Are
• What Services Do We Provide
• What Services Do We Specialize and Why
• How Much Our Fees Are
• What the Patient Can Expect
• What Others Think of Us -Testimonials
• How to Contact Us - Directions/Maps

We do not recommend features that slow the site down /distract the viewer:
• Scrolling Messages
• Flashing
• Rotating and/or Gyrating Images

We also recommend including photos of the facility and staff.

How to Choose a Web Designer
1) Do It Yourself
2) Have a Friend Create It
3) Pay a Large Website Design Firm

Problems with 1-3:
When you do it yourself, you can have all kinds of problems if you are not proficient in web design and development.

"Doctors wouldn't want us to operate, would they? Web design, hosting, and updating is a specialized science. That's what we get paid for." - AnnRose

Friends or family members often offer to do sites for free or for little money. But keep in mind, that when you pay nothing, you get nothing. And if you do get anything it may be months before you see anything close to loading onto the Net.

Large design firms' prices run the gamut, from $10,000 upto $40,000 for a complicated sites, that often look great on high-powered, souped up computers, but look terrible and unreadable on older PCs in homes, schools and libraries.

Besides, many of these websites may not have the warm, inviting perspective that makes a site user friendly.

Website designs and programming go out of style and sites should be updated every 2-3 years.

ConsulTel, Inc., the exclusive design firm for all of ClinicPages just may be the answer to your web design search.

They have been providing website designs to several dozen health providers and other small to medium-sized companies and organizations.

The ConsulTel team understands what image needs to portrayed to the prospective client, how to sort the content and highlight the more pertinent information, plus use of "keywords" to increase traffic, and many other features to make your website highly effective.

Plus, ConsulTel, Inc. can give your practice a whole new look -- with branding that sets you apart from your competitors.

Remember, all of your printed materials and website design say a lot about you and your practice.

They tell people that you're organized, professional, modern, and project an image of confidence.


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